1. Transparent Filler Masterbatch is a high quality filler masterbatch made of inorganic transparent powder and other special additives based in a Polyolefine ( PP, PE ) carrier. The transparent filler masterbatch can enhance stiffness and transparency, tensile strength, heat distortion temperature and rigidity, then improve the properties of finished products. It is mainly used in PP and PE plastic extrusion, injection, film blowing package material and medicine container.

2. Application:
- Blow Film ( shopping bags)
- Blow Molding ( Medical & Cosmetic container)
- Extrusion Molding ( Sheet, Pipe, Wire & Cable)
- Injection Molding ( Automotive, Electronic, Construction)

3. Packing and marking:
– Masterbatch will be packed into PP/PE bag (25kg/bag) with label that following inquiry of customers.
– Fullfilled bags will be put over pallets before loading into container.