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Terms of use

I. General terms

1. Your access to our website means that you agree to these following Terms and Conditions.

2. EuroPlas reserves the right to change, amend, supplement and remove these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. After changes to these Terms and Conditions are made, your continued use of the Website means that you accept such changes.

3. All content shown on this website is owned by EuroPlas and is protected by Vietnamese copyright laws and international conventions. Please do not copy in any ways. 

II. Terms of delivery

1. Geographical scope
Domestic and international delivery are accepted.

2. Means of delivery
Means of transportation are specified in the sales contract agreed by two parties, and in compliance with the provisions of Vietnamese law (for domestic orders) or international practices (Incoterms) (for international orders).

3. Delivery time 
EuroPlas ensures the time of delivery within the period of time specified in the sales contract agreed by two parties, except for the force majeures.

4. Obligations of the two parties
- The Seller shall deliver the goods in correct quantity and specifications within the time limit with the mean of delivery specified in the sales contract. He/she is obligated to provide the Buyer with the delivery fees and terms and satisfactory setllement in case of incorrect or damaged goods, which are against the sales contract.
- The Buyer shall provide the Seller with accurate information for goods delivery. He/she is obligated to fulfill his/her responsibilities under the sales contract and to immediately check the goods condition upon receipt of the goods.

5. Return of goods
The exchange or return of goods is not accepted, unless:
- Delivered goods are in incorrect quantity and with insufficient specifications as agreed in the signed contract
- Errors are arised in the processing process, which is the fault of the manufacturer

III. Terms of payment

1. The buyer is obliged to fulfill his/her payment obligation in accordance with the provisions of the signed contract.

2. The payment methods are applied based on the sales contract agreed by both parties, and in compliance with the provisions of Vietnamese laws (for domestic orders) or international conventions and practices (for foreign orders).

IV. Warranty Terms

1. Warranty conditions
The warranty is valid in the event of a defect arised during the goods processing, which is the fault of the manufacturer

2. Warranty method
The warranty methods are applied according to the agreement between two parties regarding the extent and scale of the defect arising.

3. Warranty process
- Buyer notifies the seller of the error with evidence
- The seller learns and verifies the cause of the error
- The seller notifies the buyer if he/she shall be liable for the defects. 
- The seller and the buyer agree on the terms of warranty

V. Dispute Resolution Terms

Disputes arising will be resolved according to the provisions of Vietnamese Law (for domestic orders) and International Customs or Conventions (for foreign orders).